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The American POSM Horse Association (APOSMHA)TM is a supporting organjoinweb.pngization of the POSM HorseTM.  This small group of dedicated Associates promote, preserve and perpetuate the POSM HorseTM. Please join us. 

Img11.png                                                                                                   The POSM Horse Registry is a supporting service of APOSMHA dedicated as a tool to facilitate Associate breeders to breed the best POSMs we can.  If you are an Associate of A POSM HA in good standing you may use this service's search service.  If a search has not been run or takes very much time, there will be a fee to search for offspring of deceased POSMs.  This charge will be assessed before your search begins.

The POSM News is a sometimes publication when everything else is sort of finished, It is our attempt to keep in touch and let you know of developments.  It is an Associates only publication.


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