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 Dear Ones,

The POSM News welcomes folks to write articles about what you are doing with your POSMs, babies, new purchased POSMs, new registered POSMS, POSMs being presented for pre-purchase POSM Certification, how your POSM farms are coming along, the work you are doing with your POSMs, what you are looking for in a POSM, what kind of POSM you want, what level of training you seek, whether you can offer training of POSMs, if you have facilities for mare care, questions on fencing, barns, harness, tools, carts, logging tips, plowing tips, your program to get your POSMs in shape after a long winter if they have not been that active, sleighs, log building construction and how well your POSMs are skidding, fence line repair and hours mending and putting up fence, cutting out cattle and herding cattle drives, roping and hauling, training your POSM to pick up their feet and be trimmed, worming and feeding, etc., etc...  What are you interested in?









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