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Preservation of POSMs began by one small time horse farmer circa 1920.  Mr.Norm Phillips' effort was to preserve the old type Morgan horse for primary work on the small family farm, homestead, ranch, in the woods and on the road.  Those initial seeds were instrumental in the formation of the American POSM Horse Association (A POSM HA)TM in later years as a small group of dedicated preservationists striving to promote, preserve and perpetuate the original old type Morgan horse bred capable for primary work on the small family farm, homestead, ranch, in the woods or on the road.  85+ years of combined experience (from 1979) and effort from the time Mr.Norm Phillips started with the original old type Morgans was passed on to the present generation.  POSM* (Phillip's Old Style Morgan) Horse TM knowledge and experience by doing primary work was passed on to him. Mr.Phillips' POSMs were used and proven in primary work as his source for obtaining building material and energy in firewood from the woods; his transportation of himself, goods and animals; work power in plowing, cultivating, harrowing, planting and harvesting; the source and means of applying fertilizer to his fields and POSMs to replace POSMs on his small family farm.

APOSMHA, a small not for profit group, is dedicated to the preservation of the old style Morgan horse for primary work on: the small family farm,  homestead, ranch, the woods or the roads.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise APOSMHA continues to establish a  relationship with the few individual preservationists that understand the legacy and join the effort to keep the POSM Horse TM alive for future generations.
If you agree with our purpose, please join us.


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