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The POSM HorseTM has affiliated Association organizations that promote, perpetuate and preserve the POSM
HorseTM as our legacy to future generations.  We are an Association organization.  Because we are not for profit,
we limit our efforts and resources to Associates who are striving to keep the POSM alive. .                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The American POSM Horse AssociationTM       APOSMHA     

 This small group of dedicated Associates have associated to promote, perpetuate and preserve the old type Morgan 
  by word and deed.  Why not join us?  Associateship is available as: Individual, Junior and Family.  The categories 
in                                                                             each Associateship are: Breeder (The heart of our association), Enthusiast (Those who agree with our purpose, goals                                                                              and who work to promote the POSMs, but who are unable to breed POSMs at this time.) and Other (Those who want                                                                                to join and support our efforts, but have not decided just how they can work towards 
those goals as yet.).

The POSM Horse Registry     PHR
Supports APOSMHA in providing information for breeding the best POSMs we can.  This is a tool for APOSMHA.

The POSM News    POSM News  

A publication to keep in touch with our Associates.  We are so small it comes out when all the other work is done. 


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