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If you would like to join us, we have Individual, Junior or Family Associateship at $25.00 per year. The categories are: Breeder, Enthusiast and Other.  Please fill out the information requested on the APOSMHA Application, (i.e., your name, address, other contact information; your original signature signifying your understanding of the purpose of our association to preserve, promote and perpetuate the POSM Horse TM, etc..  Upon our receipt of your application requirements, new Associates are sent your New Associate Packet with more information on the POSMs. Please become involved in preserving the POSM Horse.

Most POSMs are found in the hundreds of waves of the lake of the Lippitts primarily. 

The greater indiscriminate source of POSMs is found in the ocean's thousands of waves of the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA).

It depends on how much time one has for study, searching pedigrees, searching breeders, visiting farms, creating relationships, etc. or just basically "recreating the wheel".  Remember the POSM Horse type flourished when work was physically hard and tediously perilous.  It was a time when reliable help from a God gifted equine friend could mean the difference between life and death of you or your family or neighbors.  People worked the land, traveled and transported with animal power rather than solely by hand.  And, the light draft original old type Morgan or POSM Horse was highly favored.  This type Morgan brought the highest prices.  The POSM type was the all around use Morgan.  The POSM was not the product of human engineers and calculations.  He was favored because he excelled at everything on the small family farms, ranches, homesteads, the woods and on the roads. 

Once you have your POSM, please register immediately with the POSM Horse Registry (PHR) so other preservationists will know who they may breed to, buy from, what traits your POSM is strong in or who has appropriate stud services, etc..  We will gladly supply your name, upon request, to prospective owners and breeders. Remember, as an Associate  of APOSMHA, if someone wants to buy a POSM from you and you sense, hear, know, they are not kind to their animals or do not intend to breed POSMs, DO NOT SELL!   Think about the commitment.  They are wonderful little horses.  Dont't tell anybody, but they are fun too!

Please print this form in Landscape mode on your printer; fill it out and mail it with fee.

American POSM Horse Association (A POSM HA) TM             posm1.jpg

PO BOX 424        

Machias, ME 04654

A POSM HA APPLICATION  Please fill out all parts.

I.  The associate fee for junior, individual or family is $25.00 per year.

A.  Please indicate the type of associateship you seek.

    1.___ Breeder Associate of the POSM Horse:

               Small Family Farmer Breeder ___, Homesteader Breeder ___, Rancher Breeder ___ POSM Breeder for use on Roads ___, POSM Breeder for use in Woods ___, Educator Breeder ___, Other Breeder ___

   2. ___ Enthusiast Associate: do not intend, at this time, to own or breed the POSM Horse.  But, are in agreement with the goals of the American POSM Horse Association (A POSM HA), wish to support and be involved in the work to preserve, promote and perpetuate the POSM Horse TM.

   3.___ Other Associate: are not sure how they would fit into our preservation, promotion or perpetuation efforts, but would like to belong to our group and support it by Associateship in our Association.

II. Fees  &  Listing of Your Information for optional Contact by Other Interested Preservation Associates

 A.   Fees                                                                                                                                                       
___  Am sending check ___  money order ___  or paying by PayPal ___  $25.00 to       A POSM HA  for Associateship: Junior ___, Individual ___, Family ___

B.  Listing Your Association  Information

A POSM HA can make your contact information available to other Associates if you like for communication about POSMs, preservation, services your farm has available etc. upon request.  To do this please print your name and make your signature indicating your desire to receive communication from other Associates.

  ___ It is OK to give my name and address to fellow A POSM HA associates. 

 ______________________________________________________________                                                          Name (Print) 

 ______________________________________________________________                                                    Signature(s)                                                     


III. By associating with  A POSM HA , I / We agree to follow the rules, preserve, promote and perpetuate by word and deed the pure breeding for the associated purpose of the POSM Horse TM as a primary work light draft horse for responsible use on the small family farm, homestead, ranch, in the woods and on the roads; his type as the POSM Horse TM type depicted in photos of A POSM HA and defined by the POSM Horse Registry (PHR). 

I / We apply for Associateship in the American POSM Horse Association (A POSM HA); do agree to abide by the goals, standards and rules as put forth for the POSM Horse TM to its affiliates: the American POSM Horse Association (A POSM HA), the POSM Horse Registry (PHR), the POSM News (PN) and other sanctioned bodies of same.

Member Name (s)(Print) __________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________

City/ Town ___________________________ State _____  Zip _________ Phone _____  _________________

E-Mail Address ________________________________ Fax _____ _______________________

 ____________________________________________________________________________                                     Associate(s) Signature(s)                           

Date _________________

IV.  Associates:

Welcome and congratulations on becoming one of a select few men, women and children dedicated to the preservation the POSM Horse TM.  Register your POSMs in PHR.   Please forward us details of your preparations for your POSMs or what you are doing with your POSMs or for the POSMs.  We will try and keep you informed as to what is happening in the awakening world of the POSM Horse.  Please send photos of you and your POSMs for inclusion in the POSM News.  Keep us informed of events and activities you have planned or participate in with your POSMs.  POSMs need your help to survive.  Please participate.  Otherwise, they will die.  Let us each do our part to save POSMs.  Thank you.



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