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This affiliate is a supporting tool of the POSM Horse TM.  In an effort to help Associates in good standing locate POSMs of acceptable type, we perform pedigree searches to locate offspring of deceased POSMs.  We attempt to help you locate new owners and new POSMs.  Information gleaned is made available to other Associates trying to perpetuate the POSM Horse at no charge. If a particular POSM has not been researched and it appears such a search will be lengthy, a fee will be requested before the search is begun.  You agree that all information you learn about, after a reasonable length of time for you to decide how to use the information you obtained, will be made available (as far as available POSMs, stallions, mares, foals) with other Associates of A POSM HA at no charge to help perpetuate the POSM.

Assurance of the POSM Horse TM  Type and capable use is paramount in all activities associated with the POSM Horse TM.  Promotion by the A POSM HA of outstanding POSM Horse TM type by a star system is determined and administered by the POSM Horse Registry TM.   A Finder's Service for Associates in good standing to help you locate sources of the POSM Horse is available for your use to help you develope those traits best suited for primary work on small family farms, homesteads, ranches, in the woods or on the roads.  Again, we are not about show, pleasure, competition or nontraditional colors.  We are about preserving the original old type Morgan Horse bred capable for primary work on small family farms, homesteads, in the woods or on the roads.


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